Wagering Contest

Competition is often considered to be the opposite of cooperation, however in the real world, mixtures of cooperation and competition are the norm. Optimal strategies to achieve goals are studied in the branch of mathematics known as game theory, this is true in everyday life too. You can co-operate and tell others about these contests and win, You can also be the best yourself and win.
To win the wagering contest simply deposit or purchase Litoshi from us and start betting, Multiply up to 4750 times your bet, or play same and set your multiplier to 1.05, the more you play the more you will find the best strategy. For more information on Bettng strategy Read our Guide.
To win the referral wagering contest, use our personalised splash pages for general advertising or tell those people you know about the wagering contest with an unlimited prize. You earn from their betting so why not share the secret to winning!

Wagering Contest

16178795.6 Litoshi
Prize Pool!

Position Username Points Prize
1 kartal24 33840130 8089397.8
2 deva123 22712700 3235759.12
3 Vitro 17840000 2426819.34
4 destan47 16580514 1617879.56
5 luciaprincesa 15915970 808939.78
6 mtl35 9284698 No Prize
7 gumusyas 9183830 No Prize
8 selvihiroyuki 8304813 No Prize
9 Jaydana 5044252 No Prize
10 sergei155210 3313365 No Prize

Every Month the top 3 users who have wagered the most using the Multiply Game will win a prize.
Every Month the Member whos referrals have wagered the most using the Multiply Game will win a prize.

These prizes are Unlimited, the more you bet, the bigger the prize will be with literally no limits!

Referral Wager

9054419.8 Litoshi
Prize Pool!

Position Username Points Prize
1 Numan46 26924524 4527209.9
2 Adzbux 22812993 1810883.96
3 Luxor7777777 18020528 1358162.97
4 SafeLynx 15915970 905441.98
5 feikai81 2509510 452720.99
6 millennium 2331634 No Prize
7 fihimafihin 877309 No Prize
8 chester 571720 No Prize
9 alsburov 294560 No Prize
10 Sero34 124730 No Prize